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Horticulture farming mainly involves perishables and highly consumer sensitive produce and thus post harvest practices and markket availability is of essence.

In kenya, the small scale producers of horticulture produce are faced with packaging problems,transport issues, cost of value addition to the produce and other post harvesting setbacks as well as being able to secure available market for their produce.


Farmsure provides the following post harvest services:

  • Cold storage
  • Packhouse or grading centers
  • Processing units
  • Transport to the market
  •  Containerization for the exports

We also facilitate the following:

  • Ensure that produce is being handled properly while grading, sorting, packing, loading, offloading and palatalization
  • Oversee if right packaging material is being used
  • Make sure that the desired temperature is kept at the farm,during transportation and during palatalization at the cargo terminal
  • Ensure timely offloading and processing of produce
  • Follow up on adequate and timely arrangement of air freighters
International Market

Farmsure guarantees a ready market both local and international for its registered producers.

With the help of a well endowed marketing unit, Farmsure carries out the following activities in regard to marketing:

  • Identify current and potential market destinations for horticultural products
  • Create a link between producers, potential importers and stakeholders
  • Facilitate the day to day export processing
  • Disseminate relevant market information to farmers and exporters

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Farmsure has well-endowed technicians that seek to establish the suitability of the client’s farm land so as to give the best cropping advice.
The cropping advice is useful in establishing the following:

  • Which crops are suitable from soil-water availability
  • Profitability of growing different crops
  • Crop management

With the aid of high level equipment and government agency laboratories (eg KARI) Farmsure conducts the following land suitability tests:

  • Soil tests
  • Soil sampling
  • Biological factors
  • Water availability study

These are done in time by qualified technicians to ensure that the client maximizes the utilities of their farm.

Water and Irrigation

Don't spend time and money on land preparation if you have not taken water and irrigation issues into account first. Installing an irrigation system, leveling the ground to avoid run off, and planning which plants, will get more and less water are all precautions that may take more time and money in the short term but will benefit you in the long run. You want to give your farm the best chance to thrive


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Farmsure helps farmers implement the Global GAP, BRC, UTZ and other certifications in their farms and thus through third party audits by Global GAP certified bodies assist the farmers to achieve the Global GAP certifications.

Food Safety

For food producers today there is a demand by consumers that they grow safe, healthy products in a safe way. Currently farmers are required by various legislation, consumers and retailers to use production techniques that reduce the impact of farming on the environment, to reduce the use of chemicals, and to make use of natural resources while safeguarding the welfare of both workers , farm animals and sea.

Being able to show commitment to good agricultural farming practices with Global GAP, BRC and UTZ certifications has become essential. Therefore Farmsure becomes an avenue by which you can be able to meet these standards and thus achieve maximum profitability and favor of your produce in the market.

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Farmsure provides training to farmers on various fronts in crop protection and ensuring that the farming is done in the right way to achieve maximum yield for the farmer with minimum cost as well as ensure that quality standards for the consumer are met. Farmsure's able agronomists and technicians are committed to research to develop new practical and result oriented solutions that will improve horticulture development and safety of the produce by our clients.

Training Resources

Farmsure agronomists are well versed in bio-control training and new grower training. A series of videos and print tutorials are available for the trainees to make reference to. In that same regard, Farmsure social media channels and live chat application will be rolled out to facilitate more interactive communication between our clients and our qualified technicians. Our online media is also a great platform for our clients to interact with with our able staff.

Labour Management

Horticulture farming is labor intensive and this makes farming dificult to small scale farmers in Kenya. On the other hand, the labor required in the horticulture farming is highly skilled, well equipped with requisite knowledge in the same. In this regard Farmsure provides the following in respect to labor management:

  • Labor training
  • Recruiting skilled workers
  • Human resource management

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