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Viability Assessment

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Farmsure has well-endowed technicians that seek to establish the suitability of the client’s farm land so as to give the best cropping advice.
The cropping advice is useful in establishing the following:

  • Which crops are suitable from soil-water availability
  • Profitability of growing different crops
  • Crop management

With the aid of high level equipment and government agency laboratories (eg KARI) Farmsure conducts the following land suitability tests:

  • Soil tests
  • Soil sampling
  • Biological factors
  • Water availability study

These are done in time by qualified technicians to ensure that the client maximizes the utilities of their farm.

Water and Irrigation

Don't spend time and money on land preparation if you have not taken water and irrigation issues into account first. Installing an irrigation system, leveling the ground to avoid run off, and planning which plants, will get more and less water are all precautions that may take more time and money in the short term but will benefit you in the long run. You want to give your farm the best chance to thrive