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We are a leading agronomy company offering independent and innovative advice to horticulture producers. Backed by in depth research, Farmsure has a wide range of agronomists/advisers who share a total crop management philosophy.They draw upon the most comprehensive knowledge base on all aspects of successful agronomy and work with their farmers to adopt management systems that deliver high output and lower costs of production.


Farmsure approach connects agronomy and farm inputs with a wider Farm management objectives to ensure our customers can optimize all aspects of their farm profit equation. The advice offered by Farmsure covers the following aspects of agronomy and integrated farm management tailored to the specific requirements of individual customers.

What we cover
  • Land preparation, from bush clearing all the way to sowing
  • Crop variety selection and seed supply
  • Seed propagation and treatment
  • Viability survey for specific crop
  • Farm/Soil Mapping
  • Employees training 
  • Nutrition management and fertilizer supply
  • Cultivation options
  • Soil health analysis 
  • Regular farm inspection and crop protection
  • Product stewardship
  • Fixed costs management and machinery analysis
  • Global Gap, Leaf, BRC and ETI certifications